Does Your Team Know How They're Doing?

Take 23 seconds to give them the feedback they need to succeed.

Supercharge team performance in just 23 seconds.

Your team is starving for feedback.
"No news is good news" is not a strategy to improve performance and engagement.
With HowMyDoin you need only 23 seconds each week to give each team member what they need to succeed.

Three Easy Steps:

1. Create Team Account

Select the three or four key skills for your team, enter their email addresses, and HowMyDoin does the rest.

2. Give Weekly Feedback

Each week take only a few minutes to give each team member valuable feedback to improve performance.

3. Monitor Team Results

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy for you and your team members to track their feedback and see progress over time.

Try It Out

To get a feel for how quick and easy it is to give feedback, click on the example team members below.
After you submit your feedback, you will get to see their personal dashboard of results.



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Our Dashboard is Your Key to Improvement

One of the many strengths of HowMyDoin is its intuitive dashboard:

  • Instantly see the skills performance rating of your team
  • Track the trends over time for the team and individuals
  • Quickly review all the feedback you've given to prepare for performance reviews

Can Individuals Use HowMyDoin?

Absolutely! HowMyDoin was designed to drive individual performance improvement.
The video below provides examples of the many ways individuals and teams can use HowMyDoin to improve.

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